LEXUS CT200h Evolves

LEXUS CT200h Evolves

September 18, 2017

When Lexus debuted the CT 200h at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, it introduced the compact hybrid hatchback to the luxury automobile segment. The CT 200h has become one the brand’s best-selling hybrid models; since its launch in 2011, Lexus has sold more than 300,000 CT 200h globally.

With this latest update, Lexus looks to build on the model’s strengths and its well-earned reputation for efficiency and reliability, introducing a refreshed exterior that captures its driver-appeal – without compromising its user-friendliness and fuel economy.

Chika Kato, Chief Engineer of the CT 200h, summed up the impact of the changes: “The CT 200h has been refreshed and revitalised by enhancing its progressiveness. Its updated design is more emotional and sporty, making it the ideal premium hybrid compact car for younger customers who enjoy spirited driving, but care about the environment.”

The programme of revisions is clearly evident in the car’s new look, given significantly greater impact with a reworking of the frontal design. The daytime running lights keep their arrowhead pattern but have been repositioned so that they sit above the single-projector headlights, generating continuity with the character lines that extend down each side of the car.

The grille has been given a stronger look with the introduction of a sophisticated new mesh pattern in place of the horizontal bar arrangement, and the removal of the integrated bumper section that divides the upper and lower grille sections. Detailed touches include new metallic grey bezels for the fog lights, set in sharp-edged triangular surrounds.

Together these changes give the CT 200h a stronger road presence and more modern and athletic appearance.

“We have pursued a new look by reversing the position of the LED headlight unit and DRL compared to the previous model. The result is a look that’s more impactful than before. Moreover, the “L” motif of the DRL strengthens the Lexus signature,” said Tetsuo Miki, Chief Designer of the CT 200h.

There are changes at the rear, too, with new Lexus L-shaped taillights that create a wider, sportier look. The lights are now all-LED units, with the turn indicators moved to the lower edge of the unit, strengthening the overall L-motif. The upper and lower lines of the light-emitting section of the taillights thicken as they curve outwards, accentuating the width of the units and giving the rear of the car the sense of a strong, stable presence.

A new tailgate garnish has been added, enveloping the Lexus emblem between the rear glass and the taillights. Also, the lower part of the rear bumper has been reshaped and given a new metallic silver and black finish. The rear reflector bezels have a metallic grey finish to match the front fog lights.

Sportier wheel designs spice up the CT 200h’s profile — including a new 10-spoke 16-inch wheel that features a combination machined and dark metallic finish.

Even at first glance it is easy to appreciate the status of the CT’s cabin as among the best in its class, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, rich surface textures and an attractive “form-follows-function” styling philosophy.

New interior trim and the addition of a new colour palette, ensures that the CT’s interior ambience is elevated to match the renewed exterior. The Lexus Display Audio screen is boosted to a wide angle 10.3” version – bolstering both aesthetics and functionality.