More Selling Days Boost April Sales

More Selling Days Boost April Sales

May 6, 2013

South Africa’s 58 vehicle brands sold a combined 50 920 units in April as they benefitted from an uninterrupted sales month and high levels of marketing activity.

According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) sales decreased by 17.54% over the blockbuster March 2013, but it increased by 19.5% over the same month in 2012.

“The industry definitely benefitted from the extra selling days we gained in April,” says Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors, in reference to the fact that the Easter holidays were celebrated in March this year.

“Even when one combines the two months the trend is very positive when compared to the same period in 2012. Not only did the industry have more days in April to sell, but they also sold more cars per day, increasing their daily sales rate from 1 937 units per day in April 2012 to 2 122 units.
”The increase in daily sales, says Hamman, is evidence of the high level of marketing activity, the many new model launches and continued replacement demand amongst private buyers. Further to this the continued low interest rate environment and customers’ anticipation of future price increases contributed to the increase in sales.

Replacement demand is borne out by statistics provided by Toyota Financial Services (TFS). Finance applications processed by TFS increased by 15.7% over March and by 25% over the same month last year.

Toyota retained its market lead for the year to date after selling 9 896 cars in April, while the Hilux is South Africa’s most popular car with local sales of 3 227 units. The Hilux is also spearheading Toyota’s continued export success. With exports of 7 222 units in a total export market of 22 907 units Toyota is now responsible for one in every three cars exported from South Africa.

“Sales have grown by 7.5% in the year to date and we expect it to continue at this pace or slightly lower for the remainder of the year,” says Mr Hamman.

Market_SegmentApril_2012April_2013% Change
Passenger  29 516 34 346 +16.4%
Light Commercial 11 007 14 045 +27.6%
Medium Commercial 731 904 +23.7%
Heavy Commercial 364 403 +10.7%
Extra Heavy  920 1 123 +22.1% 
Bus 70 99  41.4% 
Vehicle Exports 17 657 22 907 +29.7% 
Overall local Market 42 608 50 920 +19.5%