Toyota SA Participates In Global Service Campaign

October 11, 2012

Toyota South Africa Motors will participate in a global voluntary service campaign to improve the operation of certain vehicles’ power window master switch (PWMS).
The campaign involves the application of special lubricant to the operation of the master switch. This will counter possible sticky operation or a malfunctioning of the switch.
The notchy or sticky operation may be caused by an uneven application of the grease during the switch assembly process at the supplier. If the grease is not applied evenly, frequent use of the switch and normal operation may cause the grease to become carbonized and may eventually result in the deterioration of its lubricating properties.
The remedy will involve an inspection, switch disassembly, and application of special fluorine grease. The switch inspection and repair will be performed at no charge to the vehicle owner.
Toyota South Africa Motors will participate in the special service campaign as a proactive measure. It is currently compiling a complete list of involved vehicles and will soon contact all vehicle owners to inform them of the campaign.